Technaxx Bluetooth LED Record & CD Digitizer TX-94

Bluetooth LED Record &amp CD Digitizer TX-94


  • Digitizing of vinyl records, CDs &amp FM radio via USB up to 32GB
  • Music playback and recording of vinyl records, CDs, FM radio &amp via Bluetooth
  • Recording of built-in FM radio &amp external devices via AUX-IN connection
  • No computer or notebook required
  • Pulsating LED lighting effects on the front panel
  • Built-in 2x 5W stereo loudspeakers
  • 2x 1.8W RCA output for connection to HiFi systems
  • Record player with automatically stop &amp 3 speeds 33, 45, 78 RPM
  • AUX&ndashIN 3.5mm jack &amp headphone jack
  • LED display with keys background lighting
  • Functional and easy handling

    Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth V2.1 / profil A2DP &amp HFP / distance ~10m open areas
  • Mode Phono, CD, FM, USB, AUX&ndashIN, Bluetooth
  • 2x 5W stereo loudspeakers (5x9cm), SNR &lt80dB, impedance 4&Omega
  • Frequency range speakers 80Hz&ndash15kHz
  • CD drive playback of CD, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Recording of MP3 music files on USB (up to 32GB)
  • Music playback from USB up to 32GB (MP3/WAV/WMA music files)
  • Adapter for Single records with 45 RPM
  • Belt-drive and semi-automatic play tone pickup arm
  • Ceramic stereo cartridge with sapphire stylus
  • Removable semi transparent plastic dust cover
  • Input power DC 12V/2A

    Package contents

  • Bluetooth LED Record &amp CD Digitizer TX-94
  • 45rmp single Puck adapter
  • Euro power adapter
  • User Manual

    Weight and Dimensions

  • Weight device 3,62kg
  • Dimensions device (L) 34.2 x (W) 31.7 x (H) 17.0cm


Prijs: 197.65  (klik hier voor meer informatie)

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